Get Involved! Posted on 5 Mar 14:50

I challenge you to get involved with Kalamity!
Whether it be ordering a shirt to support Kycie, coming to performances or fundraisers (we have a performance tomorrow at the All Star Region basketball game at Dixie High at 7), sharing our posts, or just following us, it's all getting involved and helping us in our goal of spreading service!
Get involved!
Here's the highlight video of our trip to Vegas a couple weekends ago! While in Vegas we were able to do our "Better You" assembly, take class, feed the homeless, celebrate Em's birthday, shop, hang out together, see a show, and get sick! Haha! 
Don't be afraid to get involved!!!
It may just change your life...

Keep calm and be THANKFUL! Posted on 27 Feb 12:12

Too often we spend our valuable time focused on what we don't have, so I challenge you to sit down for 2 minutes today and write down every single thing you are thankful for.
I think you'll be surprised at how much better your day is...

What is your deepest fear? Posted on 3 Feb 14:20

The antidote to fear is FAITH!
Take a second today and fill in the blank...
"Our deepest fear is________"
Once we take a second to really think about what our fear is, we can then start to replace it with faith!
Find out your deepest fear and take a leap of faith!
Replace that fear!!!
We want to hear about your experience! Take the challenge then send us your experience, email it to us here!!!